The Purpose of the Northwest Pilot Car Association is to unite members of the Oversize Load Movement Industry from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington as well as our neighboring Provinces and States.

Our Goal is to facilitate harmonization between all parties involved in the Oversize Load Movement Industry which is necessary to enhance the safety between the Oversize Load Movement Industry and the public.

Our Mission is to bring professionalism to the Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator (PEVO) industry by having our Board and Association Members lead by example, by educating the public and keeping members informed of rules and regulations within the states and/or provinces they will be working.

Due to the ongoing changes to the federal and state regulations placed upon the Oversize Load Movement Industry we welcome new members from other states and provinces to share information necessary to keep drivers and pilot car operators legal and to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

We believe by doing so we can significantly reduce the number of accidents involving the Oversize Load Movement Industry in hopes to eliminate injuries and fatalities to drivers, PEVO’s and the traveling public.

Our success cannot just be measured by getting our loads from origin to destination but rather by the professional manner, communication, and safety utilized during load movement by the pilot car operator(s). 

Therefore, members must be in good standing within the pilot car industry and display a positive professional attitude towards their drivers and other pilot car operators and possess the desire to follow the laws as set forth by the various cities, counties, and states, as well as the federal laws governed for professional drivers.

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